Exchange of ideas and community

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Peter Block's Community: The Structure of Belonging

Just handed Bill Campbell Down in the River to Pray (revised edition) he was asking about and Chris King just handed me Community: A Structure of Belonging by Peter Block–we are in the midst of our own mosaic of broken people here at Garnett and searching for God‘s vision of the world around us, how he wants to put us back together, how Christ wants us to live out his prayer for unity in John 17, how Paul encourages us to play harmony and be united in one thought and purpose (1 Corinthians 1:10).

I’m really glad to be in a community network of leaders like Bill Campbell and Chris King.

A refreshing retreat

Just back from a Garnett staff retreat. One of the best staff retreats I’ve ever been part of. Wade Hodges led us through a new kind of conversation, different from the questions that get us stuck like the time I was out fishing in waders and got caught up to my knees in mud. Those questions focus on problems rather than possibilities.

I bet Wade will be posting something soon about it and maybe he’ll list some of the questions from Peter Block, one of the resources he used in leading a great retreat for our staff.

Thanks to the Hillenburgs who let us use their cabin. What a wonderful place to meet and dream and connect on a deeper level with our staff and shepherd team.