Recipe for a Great Church

Thank you to Janet Collins and Charlotte Burk, who published the 2013 Garnett Family Recipe Book. They asked for a recipe from me, so here’s what I gave them that you can see in the front of the book when you buy yours! Proceeds go to pay down Garnett debt! Ask about the cookbook by emailing Janet: Get copies at the Tulsa Workshop this weekend or after a Garnett worship Sundays in Cafe Mosaic.
Recipe for a Great Church
by Greg Taylor
Wash All Dishes Inside and Out
Add Overflowing Cups of Grace
Blend in One Box of 100% Truth
Pour on Heaping Spoonfuls of Love (To Taste)
Stir in Egg Whites of Encouragement (No Cholesterol)
Melt on Mercy in Abundance
Squeeze in Patience, Fully Peeled
Cover with Kindness (Non-Fat Substitute: Gentleness)
Scoop Patience Even When Grated
Saute Endless Supplies of Forgiveness
Pinch of Salt
Mix Ingredients Together with Joy
Sprinkle with Laughter
Fold in Godliness in Endless Supply
Have Faith and Let Mixture Rest
Baste in Hope
Bake in the Son
Serve with The Spirit and While Hot, Never Lukewarm
Enjoy with Fellowship and Hospitality
Optional When Needed: Serve with Crow or Humble Pie (Also Fat Free)
Share Freely with Friends and Loved Ones
Always Makes Enough to Go Around
Recipe for a Great Church by Greg Taylor