Milk and bread and freezing rain

Why does everyone go for milk and bread when a winter storm is rolling in?

How often do you hear thunder in December with a freezing rain? We just heard several peals of thunder, and the rain is almost certain to turn the streets to ice rinks tomorrow.

Memorial Church of Christ canceled their worship this morning and brought Garnett Church of Christ their already purchased donuts. See, good things can happen when you slide into church.

The children are giddy, hoping school will be called off tomorrow. Jill is concerned because her Tulsa Community College students are supposed to take a math final tomorrow. Will they study tonight with the specter of no class tomorrow?

These times when I stay home with the kids, thinking I might get some writing done, I instead get pulled outside with the kids to play hockey or sled, and I nearly kill myself falling. Last year I fell several times and it hurts more after 40 than before.

But falling is a small price for the memories children have of snow days.