Hell and Mr. Fudge

Rob Bell, the internationally known church and thought leader and author with his recent book, Love WinsA Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived has caught fire in more ways than one. 

But Bell’s is not the only one who’s written controversial books on heaven and hell. My friend Edward Fudge has written at least two books on hell that could be more helpful than the tangents Bell’s book has led many to–whole book-length responses have been written, web sites such as http://hellsbell.org/ have been started.

Before I tell you more about Fudge and review one of his books, take a look at this sample of footage from an 2012 movie on his life called, Hell and Mr. Fudge.

Fudge’s work helps us deal with the texts of Scripture on hell to determine based in a view of who God is what hell then might be like. Fudge assumes a hell but seeks to find out what the Bible says and doesn’t say about it. His first book a quarter century ago is called The Fire That Consumes. His view is called annihilationist, the view that God is going to destroy unrepentant evil doers completely rather than eternally or endlessly. A decade ago Fudge squared off with Robert A. Peterson in another book on hell called Two Views of Hell.

My review of that book is below. Continue reading